PCB application and use(4)

Firearm Applications: Both military and civilian gun manufacturers often use PCBs in their testing equipment. Manufacturers will often use such equipment to ensure the safety and functionality of explosives, guns and ammunition before putting these products on the market. Some of the equipment used includes penetration shock recorders and impact testing equipment.

PCB application and use(3)

Like automotive applications, aerospace applications of PCBs require a great deal of precision and durability. Jets and rockets often go through huge amounts of turbulence in their atmospheric journeys, meaning that a normal rigid PCB may endure enough stress to become damaged in the process. To get around this, most aerospace manufacturers use flexible PCBs, which are light and small in addition to being resistant to vibration damage.

Some Engineer-Friendly Methods to Achieve Optimal Solder Joints in BGA SMT Assembly Process

Constant progress of scientific technology has led modern society to be closely associated with electronic technology. Rigorous requirement has been laid to miniaturization and light weight of electronics products like cell phones, portable computers, storage, hardware drivers, CD-ROM drive, high-resolution TVs etc. To obtain such targets, study has to be implemented in terms of manufacturing technology and components.

PCB LAYOUT three special routing skills

Right angle alignment of the signal is the main embodiment of the three aspects: First, the corner can be equivalent to the transmission line on the capacitive load, slow rise time, the second is the impedance of the signal will cause continuous reflection; Third, EMI, to 10GHZ above the RF design field, these small right angles may become a high-speed problem of key objects.

How to Evaluate A PCB Manufacturer or A PCB Assembler

​It's a tough job for OEMs to settle on a long-term PCB fabricator or assembler (we'll call them PCB Houses in the following paragraphs) since the globe is flooded with too many PCB services providers. This article brings some guidelines on how to picking up the perfect fit PCB Houses from your long waiting list. In addition, a FREE template investigation list will be supplied so that you can directly make use of it as a standard when you evaluate a PCB House to build long-term cooperation.

The PCB Soldering Process for Your Circuit Board Design

To be completely honest, I used to not give a lot of thought to the process of soldering components onto a printed circuit board. As a PCB layout designer I concerned myself with the particulars of the components used in my design so that I could create their footprints and floor-plan their locations on the board. Then I spent a lot of time fine-tuning their placement to give myself the best possible chance of success when routing the traces together.

Regulated Power Supply PCB Design Tips For Beginners

Without voltage, any electronics will not function. A power supply is a vital component that supplies the voltage and allows current to flow through. This activates components like IC (integrated chips), MCU (microcontrollers), and allows passive components to behave accordingly.

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High-powered industrial applications for PCBs are common as well. These electronic components control the mechanisms used in factories and manufacturing facilities, and have to survive the harsh conditions often seen in industrial installations. This can include anything, including harsh chemicals, vibrating machinery and rough handling.

PCB application and use

From smart-phones to kitchen appliances, electronics play a large part in our daily routine. At the heart of each of electronics is a printed circuit board (PCB). It is the foundation of a majority of electronic products today. These components come in a vast array of configurations, allowing them to serve a variety of functions. As electronics expand and develop across industries, PCB applications continue to grow as well.

PCB price increase

Next, the copper foil as the main raw material prices also followed the sound from the CCL. Since July of this year, domestic manufacturers such as Shengyi and a few plates of shares, Kingboard Chemical, ITEQ have prices; since August Goldenmax International, South Asia Group, the Yoshitaka also have raised plate prices in mid-August CCL manufacturers official prices 5% -10%. Situation intensified, to September flat steel prices rose more than sound.