Ceramic PCB Manufacturing

Ceramic PCB Manufacturing

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What is Ceramic PCB?

Ceramic printed circuit boards (Ceramic PCB) produce best substrates for electronic circuits having a very high thermal conductivity as well as a very low expansion coefficient (CTE). The ceramic PCB is highly versatile that can replace the entire traditional printed circuit board with a less complicated construction with enhanced performance.


Ceramic PCB Board Categories

Thick Film Ceramic PCB


Thin Film Ceramic PCB


DCB(Direct Copper Bonded) Ceramic PCB


Benefits of Using Ceramic PCBs

Benefits of using ceramic PCBs are as follows but not limited to;

Excellent thermal conductivity

Ceramic PCB has higher thermal conductivity when compared to Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards, mainly because it is unnecessary for an electric layer between the core and circuits.

Higher frequency performance

Because of its composition, Ceramic PCB has a higher performance rate when compared with metal boards available in the market.

Lower expansion coefficient

Good quality CTE matching with Microelectronic components and LED chips that make it have much lower expansion coefficient.


You can make use of Ceramic PCB for high-power circuits, chip-on-board modules, proximity sensors. Also, manufacturers that desire higher-frequency connections and excellent heat resistance benefit from the usage of ceramic PCBs. These industries include but not limited to the aerospace and automobile industry. Also, Ceramic PCBs are used in hospital gadgets, and in heavy machinery. Ceramic PCBs are generally reliable and efficient for printed circuit boards in these along with several other industries, depending on your style and design and also manufacturing requirements.

Why Purchase Your Ceramic PCBs from Us?

At PCBdoing, we are dedicated to producing and selling quality PCBs to all of our customers. With over 20 years of experience in the electronic industry, we go the extra mile to carefully examine our printed circuit boards before supplying you. We offer nothing but quality PCBs.

We are committed to producing custom ceramic PCBs that meet up with the various electronic devices at hand. Our professionals manufacture nothing but top-notch ceramic PCBs that are developed to tackle your demands. Irrespective of the industry, know that PCBdoing is capable of manufacturing any ceramic PCB for that industry.

In addition, we assure that you will get nothing but the best and affordable prices for all the quality ceramic PCB we manufacture. Regardless of the quality of the printed circuit boards that you want, it will be gotten at a decent price.

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