PCB application and use(4)

PCB application and use(4)

Other Applications

PCB-based products are used in hundreds of applications across several industries beyond those listed above. A few examples include the following:

• Firearm Applications: Both military and civilian gun manufacturers often use PCBs in their testing equipment. Manufacturers will often use such equipment to ensure the safety and functionality of explosives, guns and ammunition before putting these products on the market. Some of the equipment used includes penetration shock recorders and impact testing equipment.

• Marine Applications: Both underwater and sailing applications are common places to find PCBs. PCBs often control the navigation, engine management and power distribution systems used on sailing vessels. The fluctuating amounts of pressure and vibration result in a variety of considerations designers have to make to guarantee proper, continuous function.

• Security Applications: Security systems in and around homes and businesses make use of PCBs to coordinate the various components and signals used to detect the presence of an intruder. Smoke, fire and burglar alarms all use PCBs, as do electronic door locks and motion sensors.

• Broadcasting and Telecommunications Applications: As stated previously, PCB-based LED lighting displays are common in the telecommunications and broadcasting industry. PCBs are applied in a variety of other functions within this industry as well. High-frequency amplifiers and filtering appliances commonly use PCBs, as do booster stations, receivers, frequency boards, mixing decks and microphones.

The applications of PCBs extend far beyond those listed, as broad and varied as the market itself. Wherever electronics is applied in the modern world, you can be sure to find applications for PCBs of all types.

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