PCB price increase

PCB price increase

Today, let's talk about the underlying causes behind these price increases and prices manufacturers are helpless.

The past two years, domestic and global lithium industry and new energy automotive industry hot, triggering a shortage of raw materials foil! Rare price was expensive, copper prices began to rise.

Next, the copper foil as the main raw material prices also followed the sound from the CCL. Since July of this year, domestic manufacturers such as Shengyi and a few plates of shares, Kingboard Chemical, ITEQ have prices; since August Goldenmax International, South Asia Group, the Yoshitaka also have raised plate prices in mid-August CCL manufacturers official prices 5% -10%. Situation intensified, to September flat steel prices rose more than sound.

In this situation, CCL and other raw materials costs accounted for nearly 60% of the PCB plant also had to follow the market prices to follow.

PCB industry in recent years, serious overcapacity, competition extremely fierce, profit is thin, Upstream materials continues to rise, so before loading the line of PCB enterprises to be more pressure. Today, many PCB companies have announced price increases, there really is quite upset.

In recent months, gold, silver and other precious metals prices continued to rise, while the core component of the PCB plate, gold, copper, tin prices, resulting in the cost of raw materials also rose, with labor costs continued up in growth, PCB product price increases has become an inevitable trend. And this Panel Industrial waves of price increases, but also caused PCB related industries such as LED, power supply board, SMT, also have been involved in the hardest hit.

Even face to this situation ,almost all enterprises are still stiff upper lip hugs prices do not rise, according to this site recently visited a number of PCB enterprises understand the situation, they said every effort not raising their prices, the rising cost of parts, try to save them from elsewhere.

But as the prices of raw materials like gangbusters, pressing harder and harder, the situation forced some companies only retreat step by step: from sticking into edged up slightly, to confirm the recent price sheet recently there is no chance the case of stabilization, each PCB enterprises had return to the market realities, with a substantial rise.

Prices might lose some customers, but not price businesses most likely died of exhaustion. 

Some people may say, for some of the less expensive materials to replace these potential gains to end plate is not to solve the problem? !

However, this solution is obviously at the expense of product quality for the price, no matter how the times, product quality and always maintain the vitality of enterprises is the key to lose this thing, it really is difficult to back business days

Therefore, these companies raised prices, in fact, they are quite upset, but they are responsible practices. Their quality and the courage to act, would rather sacrifice sales, nor to lower the quality of inexpensive materials