PCB Flying Probe Tester

PCB Flying Probe Tester

Test is a very important part of PCB process in PCB manufacting, in order to improve the efficiency of PCB testing, then there PCB fly Needle test. Here we come to a simple understanding of the principle and the relevant methods and steps of flying probe test. Flying probe test is a check PCB electrical function (open short circuit test). 

Fly test machine is a test system in the manufacturing environment PCB board. Instead of using all the traditional bed-of-nails interfaces on traditional online testers, the Flying Probe Test uses four to eight individually controlled probes to move to the components under test. The unit under test (UUT) is transported to the tester via a belt or other UUT delivery system. The test probes and probes are then placed in contact with the test pads and via to test the individual components of the UUT. The test probes test the components on the UUT by connecting them to the driver (signal generator, power supply, etc.) and sensors (digital multimeter, frequency counter, etc.) through a multiplexing system. While one component is being tested, the other components on the UUT are electronically shielded by the probe to prevent the reading from interfering. 

Flying pin test program production steps:

First: import layer files, check, arrange, alignment, etc., and then rename the two outer lines fronrear. The inner renamed ily02, ily03, ily04neg (if negative), rear, rearmneg.

Second: add three layers, respectively, the two solder mask and drilling layer copy to an increase of three layers, and renamed fronmneg, rearmneg, mehole. Blind buried holes can be named met01-02 met02- 05, met05-06 and so on.

Third: Copy the past fronmneg, rearmneg two changes D code 8mil round. We call fronmneg the front test point, the rearmneg back test point.

Fourth: delete NPTH holes, control lines to find via holes, define not measured hole.

Fifth: The fron, mehole as a reference layer, fronmneg layer changed to on, check to see if the test point is in front of the line window. Test points in holes larger than 100 mils should be moved to the weld ring test. Test points at the BGA too dense are misplaced. You can properly delete some of the extra intermediate test points. The same operation on the back layer.

Sixth: a good test point fronmneg copy fron layer, the rearmneg copy to the rear layer.

Seventh: Activate all the layers, move to 10,10 mm Department.

Eighth: The output gerber files are named fron, ily02, ily03, ily04neg, ilyo5neg, rear, fronmneg, rearmneg, mehole, met01-02, met02-09, met09-met10. Then use Ediapv software.