Making the Best of China's Electronics Manufacturing Resources to Obtain Optimal Balance...

Making the Best of China's Electronics Manufacturing Resources to Obtain Optimal Balance between Cost and Performance from Electronics Manufacturers

China's electronics manufacturing services (EMS) have been picked up as a common solution for world-wide companies concerning electronic products. Nevertheless, it has to be accepted that China's electronics manufacturers have been also blamed for low quality, inaccuracies or extreme low reliability. As one of the largest developing economies in the world, however, China has been featuring infinite development drive and opportunities and as long as they are made best of, optimal balance will surely be obtained between cost and performance from China's electronics manufacturers.

Chinese workers assemble electronic components at the Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen, China. AFP/ AFP/ Getty Images

Why Manufacturing in China?

First, China is rich in resources supporting smooth electronics manufacturing. Thanks to a large domestic demand, relatively low labor cost and comprehensive supporting industries, China has become one of the largest countries providing electronics manufacturing services. Specifically, China has become No. 1 among countries around the globe providing electronic manufacturing in that its PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing has surpassed Japan since 2006. Up to now, PCB industries rooted in China have covered approximately 50% of international business so that China has become the largest supply base of PCBs and PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies). Moreover, traditional single/double-sided PCB boards and multilayer PCB boards are accounting for a decreasing proportion while high-tech and high-added-value PCBs are seeing a rising proportion such as HDI PCBs, Thick Copper PCBs etc. Such result isn't awarded by heaven but naturally selected.

Second, China features such steady political, economic and natural environment that there's no need to worry about product security, unpredictably prolonged delivery time or endlessly vacant expectation all of which are significant for electronic manufacturers. As one of the leading countries with economic impetus for vitality and energy, China has been focusing on the constant development of the nation and people in all aspects.

Third, China strives for gradual scientific progress with resolution to convert from "Made in China" to "Created in China". The truth can never be eliminated that China develops as a maker or copier. But if you still stick to that impression today, you'll be laughed at. China has ranked among top groups in electronics manufacturing industry. For example, some companies have achieved high level on top techniques such as Flex PCBs and Flex-rigid PCBs. Along with constant upgrading of PCB fabrication technologies, China has been witnessing a product structure going through steady optimization. Furthermore, a series of newly-established strategic industries have been set up including AI, big data and cloud computing all of which belong to high-level manufacturing domain based on product technology and manufacturing requirement.

Apart from the increased technology, awareness also rises in terms of environmental protection among electronic manufacturers in China. Recent years have witnessed increasingly rigorous regulations manufacturing companies have to abide by in environmental protection and some unqualified factories are even forced to be shut down just because their manufactured items go beyond environmental requirement. When it comes to electronics manufacturing, RoHS certificate and lead-free requirement stand for basic requirement on environment.

Fourth, as early as opening policy was implemented in China more than 30 years ago, China began playing such an active role in the stage of international trade that full-scale exportation promotions have been carried out. Just as President Xi Jinping once said that China suffered from the pain deriving from seclusion, China has been actively striving for opening and reform policies and playing an increasingly enormous role in international trade stage such as G20, APEC etc. Belt and Road Initiative especially has expanded China's international trade scope by connecting history and modern era.