PCB Production capacity

Affected by inventory from downstream customers and other factors, in late December panels offer declines in the expansion, but after reviewing the supply chain, in January next year of Chinese Lunar New Year, the offer will have the opportunity to show in stocking demand.

High Quality Printed Circuit Boards Made

Nearly all electronics products today contain printed circuit boards (PCBs). High quality printed circuit board manufacturing technology has allowed electronic items to become increasingly smaller and more complex; key to today’s dynamic and rapidly-progressing electronic innovations.

How to attract customers

​Introduction: As a PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China, company should do somethings advanced to absorb your customer’s eyes. You know there are too many pcb manufacturer in China. One would like to show your advanced thing to make you win in the competitive line.

PCB Dimensions in Manufacturing

So you’ve just completed your PCB design, and you’re about ready to send those CAD files over to the fabrication house. But there’s just one problem—you’ve designed a new form factor with unusual specs, and you’ve got a nagging feeling that you should probably check those dimensions and tolerances before you pick a manufacturer.

PCB Industry

​Printed circuit board is the bearing carrier for almost all electronic products and is used as the substrate for electronic components assembly. With the global output value reaching 50 billion US dollars per year, second only to the semiconductor industry in the electronics industry.

Amazing Facts About Printed Circuit Boards

Modern, high-tech printed circuit boards like those available through PCB Solutions don’t look much like those from the’20s. But despite their differences, PCBs have been around since the age of gramophones and vacuum tube radios, just in somewhat different form.

Little-known facts about PCBs that you may not know

In the 1920s, Charles Ducas applied to the US Patent Office for a “printed wire” patent, which placed an electronic path directly onto an insulated surface. The process was an early form of electroplating, where wires were printed on a board and the ink conducted electricity. Copper wires were not yet available for these printed wire circuits, so they were made with brass wires.

How You Can Avoid PCB File Errors?

A good working relationship between the customer and PCB supplier is vital to the success of any project. Costly design errors and delays in manufacturing can be prevented by discussing details in advance. Communication is key to avoiding PCB file errors.

PTFE Material

​PTFE is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. The best known brand name of PTFE-based formulas is Teflon by Chemours. Chemours is a 2015 spin-off of DuPont Co., which discovered the compound in 1938.

PCB Manufacturing

Manufacturing starts from the fabrication data generated by computer aided design, and component information. The fabrication data is read into the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. CAM performs the following functions