What are the Advantages of Wonderful PCB Printed Circuit Board Supplier

There are hundreds of printed circuit board suppliers out there you could do business with. You may have wondered, “Is it really an advantage to have a PCB supplier? Couldn’t we save some money by going to China?”

How to maintain PCB circuit board to extend the service life

PCB circuit board is based on the insulation board as a substrate, cut into a certain size, which at least with a conductive pattern, and cloth with holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metal holes, etc.), used to replace the previous device electronics Components of the chassis, and to achieve the interconnection between electronic components.

Machine for printed circuit board assembly

Introduction: A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the base for wiring and supporting surface-mounted, socketed components in electronics. In circuits where there is a need for find conductive traces (such as computer systems), these PCBs are made through the photolithographic process.

Comparison between Lead Soldering and Lead-Free Soldering Manufacturing Procedure in PCBA

​Increasingly downsizing solder joints in microelectronics devices lead them to withstand more mechanical, electrical and thermodynamic load with their requirement in terms of reliability uprising. Electronics packaging technology including SMT (Surface Mount Technology), CSP (Chip-Scale Package) and BGA (Ball Grid Array) technology need to implement electrical and rigid mechanical connection between different materials through solder joints so that connection quality and reliability determine t

PCB Fabrication Techniques

​As a PCB designer, it can be tempting to leave the details of the manufacturing process up to the fabrication house. However, a little understanding of the manufacturing process upfront can help prevent headaches further down the line.

ALtium Designer - Protel 99 SE

n 1985, Protel Systems Pty Ltd launched the DOS-based PCB design tool known as Protel PCB (which later emerged into Autotrax and Easytrax). Originally it was sold only in Australia. Protel PCB was marketed internationally by HST Technology Pty Ltd. since 1986.

PCB Manufacturing Services

Most PCB manufacturers only allow one customer design to be processed per production sheet because of the complex and technical challenges found with different customer's orders. This is expensive because the set-up costs for each sheet manufactured are charged entirely to each client.

The Hidden Costs of Cheap PCB Imports

Cheap Suppliers – All too often, developers look to lower the cost of a certain project by purchasing components from the cheapest supplier they can find. Sure, there is a reduction in cost initially, but eventually, the subpar quality of the project could compromise the entire business.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Introduction: This research focuses on developing a model to predict the yield of a printed circuit board manufactured on a given assembly line. Based on an extensive literature review as well as discussion with industrial partners, it was determined that there is no tool available for assisting engineers in determining reliable estimates of their production capabilities as they introduce new board designs onto their current production lines.

How PCB Panelization Can Improve Your Manufacturing Process

​PCB panelization is the art of organizing multiple boards on a single panel in order to manufacture more efficiently. From soldering, to component assembly, and even testing, fitting multiple boards into a standardized array is a surefire way to make production faster and more cost-effective.